"I am Eloise. I am six."

One of New York City’s most famous residents is the ever elusive and capricious Eloise at The Plaza. Introduced to the public in Kay Thompson’s Eloise: A book for precocious grown-ups – Eloise’s mischief and antics have delighted readers and visitors of The Plaza since its publication in 1955. Skidder down the page to learn you can live like Eloise through a stay in Eloise’s pink, pink, pink room, making reservations for Afternoon Tea in The Palm Court, or visiting her very own shop at The Plaza for outfits, accessories, books and more.


Don’t forget to take a look at Eloise’s Public Events Calendar to join in on one of her seasonally fun family events!


Looking for something more Eloise Exclusive? Our events team is ready and waiting to plan a rawther perfect birthday party for your city child!

The Eloise Suite

rooms and suites
rooms and suites

No fan of Eloise should miss an opportunity to stay in the Eloise Suite. With outrageous and fun décor by celebrated designer Betsey Johnson, the suite is resplendent with an Eloise-approved palette of pink and black, and includes a King-size bed with custom Eloise-themed bedding. The suite includes Eloise books, dolls, and Eloise’s name in big neon lights affixed to the wall.

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Eloise at The Plaza


Take a little bit of Eloise back home with you to remember your time. Located on the concourse level of The Plaza, the Eloise Shop is the perfect stop for Eloise fans of all ages.

Birthdays Parties & Private Events
Birthdays Parties & Private Events

Celebrate a birthday or private event with a tea party in Eloise’s very own shop! To learn more visit our Eloise private events page or to book a party, please call (212) 546-5457 or email

Eloise In The Palm Court
Eloise In The Palm Court

Enjoy Eloise themed tea-time at The Palm Court, with custom Eloise teacups and table ware. View the Menu

Follow Eloise's Daily Adventures
Follow Eloise's Daily Adventures

Stay in touch with Eloise on Instagram at ThePlazaEloise to be updated on new events, special offers and her daily mischief.

Whether you are staying over night or skiddering in just for the day all guests are welcome to RSVP to attend The Plaza events hosted by the Eloise Team. Because, when you are at The Plaza, “Getting bored is not allowed!”  For a full list of upcoming events designed to delight the littlest Plaza fans, visit our Family Events Calendar.


Upcoming Family Events at The Plaza


October Event Calendar 2018  It’s going to be a rawther busy year! 


Upcoming Eloise Events

Unlike Eloise, we can’t all stay six forever! If you are looking for events better suited for the “young at heart” visit The Plaza Calendar for a full overview of all of the other celebrations, affairs, events and promotions planned for The Plaza this year.

For more information, to book a private event or to make reservations for one of events in our calendar, please ring up (212) 546-5457 or email




September 20th | Purse Charm Party | 4-5p

September 21st | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

September 26th | Eloise Back to School Party | 4-5p

September 28th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

September 29th | Back to School Scrapbook Decorating | 12-1p




October 4th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

October 5th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

October 6th | Creative Sand Art Party! | 2-3p

October 10th | Teddy Bear Tea | 4-5p

October 11th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

October 12th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

October 13th | Beaumont Etiquette Class | 10am-12p

October 17th | Beading Party | 4-5p

October 18th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

October 19th | Rawther Fancy Tea Party | 4-5p

October 25th | Rawther Fancy Tea Party | 4-5p

October 26th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

October 27th | Paint a Pumpkin Party | 2-3p

October 31th | Eloise Halloween Party | 4-5p




November 1st | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

November 2nd | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

November 3th | Harvest Basket Decorating | 2-3p

November 8th | Rawther Fancy Tea Party | 4-5p

November 9th | Rawther Fancy Tea | 4-5p

November 10th | Nat’l Young Readers Week | 2-3p

November 15th | Rawther Fancy Tea Party | 4-5p

November 16th | Rawther Fancy Tea Party | 4-5p

November 20th | Thanksgiving at Eloise | 4-5p

November 23rd | Tea with Santa | 1-2p 4-5p

November 24th | Tea with Santa | 1-2pm 4-5p

November 28th | Tea with Santa | 4-5p

November 29th | Tea with Santa | 1-2p 4-5p

November 30th | Tea with Santa | 1-2p 4-5p



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