Eloise at the Plaza

There is a lot of fun, and always so much to do at The Eloise Shop. Guests who skidder in may relax in the stylish Living Room and plan their (mis)adventures with the concierge, just like a certain young lady. Visit our Fashion Room that is filled with Eloise costumes, exclusive Eloise branded t-shirts and one-of-a-kind merchandise…we may even catch you strutting the catwalk and admiring yourself in the mirror! Sklonking off to the Library Room, guests may enjoy “park views” and watch their favorite Eloise movie clips, or enjoy story time with their mostly companion. Of course, fans can’t leave without a visit to the Tea Room where family and friends can come together for Rawther Fancy Teas, birthday parties, events and other celebrations. A trip to The Plaza is not complete without visiting her very own shop! For more information please call 212.546.5460or email eloise@theplazany.com. Charge it please, thank you very much.
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Eloise Birthday Parties

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE birthday parties.
Here’s how I like to celebrate with all my mostly companions at Eloise at The Plaza.


The Essential Eloise Birthday Party

The Rawther Fancy Birthday Party


The Eloise Private Tea Party

Eloise Favor Bag Upgrades

Eloise Birthday Party Upgrades

For more information on birthday parties, please call 212-546-5460 or email ELOISE@THEPLAZANY.COM

Hours: 10:00am-8:00pm Mondays thru Saturdays, 11:00am-6:00pm Sundays

Terms and Condition for all birthday parties can be found here.

What a marvelous idea, you will have such fond memories!
Charge it please, thank you very much! –Eloise

Event Calendar

Eloise hosts many mahvelous events throughout the year. View our Event Calendar to see what’s planned for this month. From dance and tea parties to ballet and cooking classes there’s absolutely no time to be bored at The Plaza.

A description of our signature Eloise events (dates and prices vary):

Rawther Fancy Teas

Eloise’s Shop is designed to delight and entertain for Lord’s sake. Eloise fans young and old may participate in the Fancy Teas, complete with rawther delicious pink lemonade, story time and a very special gift from me to you. (Special Holiday Teas available throughout the year.)

Eloise Ballet/Yoga Classes

A 45 minute class taught by a NYC certified instructor will teach young beginners proper techniques, coordination, breathing, and poses followed by refreshments!

Eloise Cooking Classes

Nanny would just love it if Eloise learned how to cook! Children will learn how to make a signature item (varied based on event) and create and eat their own dish with the chefs of Todd English! Beverages included.

Holiday Dance Parties

The only way to celebrate holidays is to dance! Led by Miss Christine, children will participate in dance games, win prizes, and have high energy fun!