LA PALESTRA at The Plaza

LA PALESTRA is New York's preeminent medical/fitness hybrid providing highly sophisticated personal training and wellness programs for New Yorkers and Guests of The Plaza.


“To Improve the Quality of People's Lives through Exercise, Education, and Community.”

LA PALESTRA at The Plaza came to fruition in the Spring 2012 through a design partnership between LA PALESTRA founder and CEO, Pat Manocchia, Davies Tang & Toews and legendary architect Frank Gehry. The team created a stunning multi-level, state of the art wellness facility that reflects LA PALESTRA's integrated philosophy, while still preserving the classic architecture of the historic hotel.

LA PALESTRA has been created and is committed to being actively involved in the definition of a new generation of health care based on prevention.  Founded in 1994, LA PALESTRA pioneered a unique and integrated methodology for medical diagnosis, treatment, and health maintenance programming.  A true hybrid, LA PALESTRA programs are holistic and combine comprehensive medical analysis and treatments with individually tailored exercise programs. As a center for preventative medicine, we are staffed to provide 360 degrees of integrated health service to our members from acute back pain to addressing the needs of professional athletes.

Our staff is comprised of physicians and professionals in the fields of internal medicine, orthopedics, nutrition, psychology, clinical social work, physical therapy, chiropractic care, cardiology, acupuncture, massage therapy, general fitness, and athletic performance.


Guests of The Plaza and Members of LA PALESTRA have access to an elite team of expertly trained practitioners providing a variety of services in disciplines including personal training, pilates, yoga, group classes, event training, running gait analysis, nutritional counseling, sports psychology and physical therapy. Guests of The Plaza have access to the gym during select hours* all other classes and services may be reserved at varying costs in advance.

When visiting New York, make sure to schedule a New York exercise experience into your visit with a Running Session in Central Park or a “5 Essential Exercises” Circuit Class. The top floor of LA PALESTRA at The Plaza is open to Hotel Guests Monday through Friday 5:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Learn more about our guest services.

To schedule your session, call 212-204-2500


LA PALESTRA membership opportunities are varied to accommodate everyone from the frequent business traveller to the busy New Yorker.  Members are set up for success before setting foot on the training floor via a detailed evaluation from our medical team, review of current and past fitness habits, an individualized exercise program written by their LA PALESTRA advisor, and laundry service.

For more information contact our Sales & Marketing Director, Ali Schwartz at

LA PALESTRA at The Plaza is open Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. and weekends from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more information contact 212.204.2500 or visit



The goal for the Pilates Program at LA PALESTRA is to give the tools needed to maintain and support the balance of good posture, strength, and control over the body and mind through movement. Our routines and habits cause us to consistently overuse specific muscles; with that in mind what you can expect from a Pilates workout is learning an ordered series of exercises that will stretch out and uniformly develop the body from top to bottom. The workouts are rigorous and will increase body awareness which helps to prevent injury and correct compensation patterns.


Yoga is about creating balance in the body by developing strength, flexibility, and awareness. It integrates all aspects of an individual, mind and body, to create an even fuller life. Some of the many benefits of yoga are: long, lean muscles; increase in flexibility; improved coordination and balance; releasing of toxins from the body; and lowering stress levels. At LA PALESTRA, yoga sessions are tailored to your particular needs, with lots of attention to alignment in order to create not only a rigorous workout, but one that will leave long lasting effects of wellness throughout your day.


Personal Training at LA PALESTRA is radically different from other personal training experiences for several reasons:

    • All exercise sessions delivered at LA PALESTRA are based exclusively on the needs of the specific client and developed using LA PALESTRA’s specific methodology.

    • The exercise is “program centric” not “trainer centric”.  The program is the strategy used to reach a client’s goals.  Sessions are NOT based on what a trainer feels like doing on a particular day with his / her client.

    • Members exercise with multiple LA PALESTRA trainers using a “team approach” which provides greater flexibility in scheduling appointments and a broader perspective and skill set than a single trainer could provide.


The LA PALESTRA Event Program is a vehicle to further exemplify the core philosophy that surrounds our program. Variety of events include; NYC Marathon, Paris to Versailles (10 miles), Triathlons, Local or International Bike rides, Kayak and Ski trips. Following an initial “interest meeting” to gauge interest for a particular event, the exercise staff will provide a detailed exercise prescription appropriate to the demands of the event. LA PALESTRA offers local, national, and international events; the duration of training is based on the nature of the event.


LA PALESTRA Nutrition is fundamental to the integrative services offered to improve the quality of people's lives. Each client begins their membership with a nutrition assessment as part of their initial medical evaluation, and receives yearly follow up from the registered dietitian nutritionist.

LA PALESTRA Nutrition services are provided by a staff of handpicked registered dietitian nutritionists. Services include: individual and group nutrition counseling, lectures, and cooking classes and demonstrations. Nutrition counseling is available at any location and specializes in sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and dietary modification, weight management, resting metabolic rate testing, and meal and menu planning. Proper fuel and hydration is essential to each client's success, and the LA PALESTRA Nutrition team helps each client achieve their goals.