Eloise at the Plaza

The Plaza Shops : Eloise at The Plaza

There is a lot of fun, and always so much to do at Eloise at The Plaza. Guests who skibble in may relax in the stylish living room, and plan their (mis)adventures with the concierge, just like a certain young lady. In the Fashion Room, there is absolutely nothing but costumes for dress up, so mini-Eloises can model their favorite looks from the podium. Sklonking off to the Reading Room, guests may enjoy “park views” and watch their favorite Eloise movie clips, or enjoy story time with their mostly companion. Of course, fans can’t leave without a visit to the Tea Room where family and friends can come together for tea and birthday parties and other celebrations. Please be sure to check our calendar for upcoming events.

Call Eloise at The Plaza : 212.546.5460