Pet Program

Inspired by the Fairmont Culture of Canine Ambassadors, The Plaza is introducing The Canine Companions Package offering our guests a welcome basket to keep their furry friend comfortable and accommodated in true Plaza fashion. The welcome basket includes:

• Treats
• A Chew Toy
• A Leash
• Room spray
• Doggie bags for walks
• Bowls for food and water
• A Plaza blanket or dog pillow are available upon request

The Plaza accepts dogs or cats.  A $75 charge will be added to the room charge (for up to one week, $50 per each additional week). As a social responsibility initiative, we will donate 20% of this charge to the ASPCA. Pets cannot be left unattended in the room. All guests checking in with a pet have to sign a release accepting responsibility for any damage caused by the pet. If there is damage caused by the pet, the owner must pay for the complete repair of the damage. Seeing-eye dogs are always welcome.